George DUCA, academician

PhD in chemistry, university professor
President of the Chemistry Society of the Republic of Moldova

Republic of Moldova
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Father: Duca Grigore

He was teacher of chemistry,
Singerei school

Mother: Duca Nina

She was an elementary school teacher,
Singerei school


Duca Maria

Habiliy Doctor in Biology,
Correspondent Member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Soil Science,
State University of Moldova;
Acting Rector of the University
of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova "UnASM

Son Dragos and doghter Daniela

Dother Doina, son-in-law Vitalie,
grandson Cristian, granddoghter Loredana


Duca Doina

Duca Dragos

Duca Daniela


Duca Cristian

Duca Loredana