George DUCA, academician

PhD in chemistry, university professor
President of the Chemistry Society of the Republic of Moldova

Republic of Moldova
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Scientific School

Gheorghe Duca, in the capacity of the founder of the Scientific School in Ecological Chemistry, developed the theory of the redox state in the environment, has elucidated the reduction-oxidation mechanisms of the components during the process of aquatic systems and wine products quality formation. The following processes and methods have been elaborated: technologies of physical-chemical and biochemical treatment of wastewaters; wastes management; preparation of medical and cosmetic substances; reducing of toxic air emissions; chemical risk assessment methods in the appearance of pulmonary and gastro-intestinal cancer; new processes of biologically active substances preparation; ecological audit; ecological education. The results of his research have been reflected in more than 500 works, both in the Republic of Moldova and abroad, including 36 monographs and manuals. He is the author of more than 100 patents, many of them being awarded with the distinctions, gold and silver medals at the International Salons on Inventions and Innovations in Brussels, Geneva, Budapest, Iassy, Moscow, London, Sofia, Beijing.