Gheorghe DUCA, academician

doctor habilitat în chimie, profesor universitar
Președintele Societății de Chimie din Republica Moldova

Republica Moldova
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Acad., Prof. Gheorghe Duca is the author of 1760 edited works, including 418 scientific paperes, 136 editorial works, 165 patents, 83 monographs and textbooks, 513 articles on science popularization and more than 445 conference presentations and materials, including the first textbook "Ecological Chemistry," published in three editions and translated into three languages: Romanian , Russian, English.

Prof.Gh.Duca developed and taught courses on Physical chemistry, Chemical technology, Ecological chemistry, Processes and equipment, Physico-chemical research methods, Chemical risk assessment, Kinetics and thermodynamics of ecological systems. He held the lectures at the State University of Moldova, State University "Dmitrie Cantemir", Universities of Rome, Turin (Italy), Texas, California (USA), Zurich (Switzerland), Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czechia), Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj, Bucharest (Romania). Under his supervision, were prepared 30 Doctors of sciences, including theses in cooperation with INSA, Lyon, France (1998) and 5 Habilitate Doctors.

He founded: Department of Industrial and Ecological Chemistry, SUM (1991), Research Center of Ecological and Applied Chemistry, SUM (1992), Faculty of Ecology, International University of Moldova (1992), High School for gifted children of the ASM (2007), University of the Academy of Sciences (2007), Nongovernmental organization for environmental protection "Terra Nostra" (1992), Moldovan  Research and Development iAssociation, MRDA (2000), and the journals "Environment" (2002), "Chemistry Journal of Moldova" (2005), Journal of Science, Innovation, Culture and Art "Akademos" (2005),

Acad.Gh.Duca is a member of Board of Directors of BSCSF-International Fund for Cooperation and Partnership of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea (2010), JRC-European Union Joint Research Center (2013), ALLEA-All European Academy (2018) and was delegated by the Government of Moldova to sign the Memorandum of Understanding for participation of the Republic of Moldova in the FP7, EU Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities (2007-2013), Association Agreement for participation of the Republic of Moldova in the H2020, EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) and supervise the cooperation of the Republic of Moldova with the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation, CRDF (2000-2010).

Besides, he is Honorary and Full Member of the Balkan Academy of Science, Bulgarian Academy of Science and Art (2018), Culture New and Sustainable Development, Bulgaria (2004), Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences "Gheorghe Ionescu-Siseşti" Romania (2006), Academy of Sciences and Arts of Montenegro (2006), Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy (2007), National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2009), Russian Academy of Sciences (2012), Research Network for Advance Studies of River System DANUBIUS (2013), APOLLONIA University, Iasi, Romania (2018), BABES-BOLYAI University, Cluj-Napoca University, Craiova University and Oradea University, Romania (2018).

He was appreciated with a lots of awards and distinctions such as: Knight of the Order for Inventions of the Kingdom of Belgium (2003), the Cross of Commander of the Order of Honour, Poland (2004), the Gold Medal for Eminent Services to the cause of progress, Brussels (2005), Order "Cultural Merit" of Romania (2006), Gold Medal "N. S. Kurnakov ", Russian Federation (2007), International Socrates Award, Oxford, UK (2009), Silver Medal of the Association of Innovators of China (2010), Gold Medal "EUROINVENT", Brussels (2011), Order of the Republic of Moldova (2011), Award for outstanding achievements in the field of European Integration of the Economic Cooperation Organization of the Black Sea (2013), Medal of the National Commission of the Republic of Moldova for UNESCO (2014),the Order "The crown of Romania" with the rank of Commander (2015), Award of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (2016), Runners up Prize for Scientific Papers, Japan ICMSEM-2017, European Innovation Award with Diploma of Commander, European Commission, Belgium (2018),etc.

Acad. Gh. Duca is not only a scientist, professor and prominent specialist in its field, but also a great organizer of research, skillful leader of the most important and prestigious institution of Moldova.