Gheorghe DUCA, academician

doctor habilitat în chimie, profesor universitar
preşedintele Academiei de Ştiinţe a Moldovei

Republica Moldova
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Douglas MacArthur about the book "Contribution to Knowledge Society"

I found it an extremely interesting book which provided me with much more depth than I had in understanding various aspects of life and development in Moldova. I was intrigued by the strong relationship he sees between faith and science, as well as the ongoing emphasis throughout the book he places on the need for innovation in everything we do. This really should be a must read for many people, and I am already sharing the book with others in CASP, as it's an excellent contribution to understanding Moldova and the knowledge society which President Duca has made a life commitment. I can sincerely say that there have only been two or three other books in my life from which I have learned so much.


Douglas MacArthur,

CASP Overseas Ltd